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Cooking Oil Collection

Used Cooking Oil Collection

Used Cooking Oil Collection

Used Cooking Oil Recycling

Let’s face it, in today’s green world we are all looking for opportunities to benefit our environment by recycling. Most food industries can have a positive impact on our environment by providing their cooking oil for recycling. With years of experience and the knowhow of the waste removal industry you can be confident that A&J has the capabilities of handling  your product correctly and ensures that your product will be properly recycled and transported according to local ordinances and state laws. 
Are you tired of being bound by a contract? No worries, a hand shake is good enough. We customize our service according to your specific needs and provide on time pickups with no disruptions to your business.

With our used cooking oil program:
  • We provide the storage bins
  • In most cases we pay for your used oil. Receive a check within 14 days.
  • Your used cooking oil will be recycled and you will benefit the environment .
  • We will be honest with the total gallons removed so you can get top dollar for your product.