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Septic Service

Septic Tanks

A water tight tank that treats sewage, received from a property that does not have access to public sewers. Did you know that most tanks have more than 1 opening?  To ensure that your tank gets cleaned properly; we will open both sides. Some tanks are 2 compartments and the only way to remove all the waste is to open both sides..  After cleaning your tank A&J Sewer will determine the proper interval for maintenance. You will never need to worry about servicing your system again. We will send out reminders or call. NO CONTRACT REQUIRED.  For more information on septic systems click here

probe ground to locate tank
Probe ground to locate tank.
uncover both openings
Uncover both openings.
remove waste and clean tank
Remove waste and clean tank.
check for proper flow
Check for proper flow.

Septic inspections

In the state of Illinois it is required that the homeowner gets their system inspected by a licensed contractor. Give us a call we will inspect the condition and components for your tank and system, to ensure the system is functioning properly.

Installing risers

Risers can be installed to bring the access points of the tank to ground level. This will give you ease of access to your tank. This is very beneficial in the winter time in case of a heavy snow season. Find available risers for purchase/installation here.