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The Right Tools For the Job

Portable Equipment Group

When the job calls for a more "up close" treatment, we have the equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Portable Vacuum Machine

Typically used for those hard to get to interior grease traps that the pump truck can’t get to. Capacity is approx 45-47 gallons.


Three of our vacuum trucks have jetter units Each jetter can also be used as a pressure washer for solid waste, ensuring your pit will be completely cleaned when we finish. Jetters range from 12gpm per minute to 18 gpm, and 2000 psi to 4000 psi. capable of cleaning a 4” to 14 inch line. They're perfect for cleaning the sludge out of sewer lines.

Sewer Televising Equipment

By implementing our sewer televising equipment, we can see the condition of your sewer lines and locate the problem.

Vacuum Trucks

Each of the trucks in our fleet has unique purposes, but all are used for the purpose of waste removal.